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Last Pavilion Tang

The Last Pavilion Tang has been specially designed to polish the two halves of a diamond or to repair facets without the need to set the stone in a presspot.As standard, the tang is fitted with a revolving clawholder (7522) with a locking screw and side screws, as this configuration allows the highest level of control during the polishing process. A special thumb-operated revolving clawholder (7521) can be ordered separetely.
For the above mentioned process, Bettonshop especially recommends the selection of an 24-click system and a double angle screw for highest ease of use when changing from the 8 main facets to the 16 halves, as well as an 8mm grabjaw system for the most effective use of carrousel pots.
Please order required claws and pots separately. It is recommended to choose all required carrousel pots (5000 to 5211) with an 8mm shank (fitting type/T). Bettonshop especially recommends the use of Pronged Claws (7105 to 7107) for highest control of the diamond during polishing.

Standard Setup Of this Tang Includes:

  • Gauge
  • Double Facet-Screw
  • Big Knob
  • Revolving Clawholder (7522)
  • Double Angle-Screw
  • 8mm Grabjaw System

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